Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HERS-The MPG for New Homes

The home energy rating system (HERS) provides a number rating that makes it easy for consumers to see how same-size homes compare in energy use. The lower the number, the less energy used.

We at capital home builders have been pushing the envelope when it comes to building spec homes with custom features. We have reached a new milestone by building homes with a HERS Rating of 54. We are the only builder in South Georgia and north Tallahassee fl. to achieve a score of 54. Our 2,500 square foot home will have an electrical bill under $100/per month. We are ranked top 1%’er of builders building high-performance homes.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that a typical resale home scores 130 on the HERS Index, while a typical new home might rate 100. A home with a HERS Index Score of 70 is 30%more energy efficient than that standard new home, and 60% more efficient than a typical resale.

“A home is one of the largest and most important purchases a family can make but, until recently, buyers have had little information about what their costs to own the home would be long term. When we buy a new car, we know how much mileage we can expect to get. Homebuyers should know the expected performance and monthly energy costs of a home.” We give our home buyers a gift that keeps on giving.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Article: Green Home Builder Magazine.

CHB green HERS Rated home in Thomasville Georgia Cost Only $32

per Month to Cool.

These have been one of the hottest months of the year in South Georgia. You will not find a better built home with green smart home features in Thomasville, South Georgia, or North Florida. Other new homes being built in Thomasville and South Georgia are equipped with 2 A/C units for equally sized home which adds significantly more to the cost of heating /cooling of those homes. This featured home is a 2,500sq.ft. under heating/cooling with 1 A/C Unit of 2.5 ton 16 SEERs. Our homes are engineered with the sole purpose to save the homeowners on their utilty bill.  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Only Builder Building Top Green Smart Homes

We are the only builder in South Georgia and North Florida building HERS Rated homes at mid 50's without spending thousands on foam spray. This article below was written on professional builder magazine on a KB Home that was foamed in from top to bottom to get a hers Rating of 58. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Realtor Association and the residential real estate industry are apparently smarter than God

Submitted anonymously to CAARE 
You (not including Realtors) Cannot Serve Two Masters 
The Realtor Association and the residential real estate industry are apparently smarter than God – 
no matter which religion you practice. If you are a Realtor, you can serve two masters or even 
three or four. When you do, you make more money. In fact, brokerages stand to double their 
commissions. The rest of the biblical saying goes like this, “You cannot serve both God and 
money.” One Minnesota real estate firm has done more to destroy that biblical and legal 
principle and in doing so has put millions of consumers at risk. 
For thousands of years the old precept that you cannot serve two masters (a basic principle in 
Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and most others) has been an integral part of our ancestry. That
principle still exists today and has been prescribed in legal systems around the world. If you hire 
a law firm, they will first conduct a conflict check to make sure that they do not (or have not in 
the past) represent(ed) any adverse clients to you. If such a conflict is found, the law firm will 
withdraw. Lawyers know that serving two masters (also called dual agency and designated 
agency) creates an insurmountable conflict of interest that is immensely harmful to their duty of 
loyalty to their clients. In addition, attorneys who practice dual agency could be disbarred or 
disciplined. It is usually impossible to provide a full disclosure to clients and to obtain their 
informed consent. There is simply too much that can and does go wrong and lawyers know this. 
If law firms could engage in dual agency, firms would likely double in size and become much 
more profitable; they could represent both buyers and sellers in the same contract negotiations. 
They could represent husband and wife in divorce negotiations. They could even represent 
defendant and plaintiffs in the same lawsuit. Despite the potential for profit, the legal profession 
has refused to put the self serving interests of profit above their unfettered duty of loyalty to 
properly represent their clients. 
It used to be illegal for Realtors to serve two masters. However, if a brokerage firm serves two 
masters they can collect twice as much in commissions. That money likely enticed one 
Minnesota firm to take a shot at it. Perhaps Edina Realty did a cost benefit analysis and 
determined that the financial benefits of serving two masters outweighed the cost of any lawsuit 
that might be brought. In 1993, that firm found itself on the wrong end of a class action lawsuit 
for engaging in dual agency that sent shock waves around the country. Every news story, except the Minnesota Star & Tribune, condemned the practice. Rather than stop the practice, the local Realtor Association successfully lobbied for the legalization of serving two masters (called “dual agency”). These laws have now spread all over the country and have allowed brokerage firms to grow to tremendous size while simultaneously leaving a trail of injustices and harmed clients. Realtors are now the only profession that can serve two masters. Realtors also have the least amount of training to engage in this practice. Most do not understand it. 
“The disclosures and consents necessary to make a dual agency lawful are so comprehensive and specific that a typical real estate broker cannot undertake them as a matter of routine.” That was written by the William North, President of the National Association of Realtors in 1986. At that point in time, the Realtor Association and Mr. North appeared to have their priorities regarding money and representation properly aligned. They embraced the basic principles of loyalty that existed for all other professions and fiduciaries: A fiduciary should place the interests of their client above all others, especially their own. 
Recently, the same firm that blazed new trails in the destruction of the two thousand year old 
biblical and legal principal struck again. Their latest move demonstrates why the old legal and 
religious principle should be reinstated. Edina Realty intentionally limited the marketing 
exposure of their clients’ homes by removing their sellers’ listing data from two of the top visited 
homebuyer websites, Realtor.com and Trulia.com. 
Homebuyers who are starting their search are most likely to start their search using an online 
resource such as Realtor.com (the number 1 real estate buyer website) or one of the other top 4 
(including Trulia.com). Realtor.com actually gets their data updated daily directly from the 
Realtor owned Multiple Listing Service. Home buyers will no longer see most of Edina Realty’s 
listings on those sites. That means homebuyers will not see Edina listings and Edina Realty 
sellers have lost huge marketing exposure of their homes. For out of state homebuyers who have never heard of Edina Realty, the likelihood that they will even see an Edina Realty listing in their search is even more remote. 
Edina Realty is likely to be paid twice as much if homebuyers find their new home on Edina’s 
website vs. one of the other online resources. Buyers who find their home on Edina’s website 
will be directed to an Edina agent who also represents the seller. Those buyers will be forfeiting 
their right to negotiating advice. The dual agency (two master) rules prohibit the dual agent from 
helping the buyer negotiate price or terms (to help reconcile the conflict of interest). The same 
goes for sellers. If a buyer uses an Edina agent, the seller will forfeit their right to representation. 
Do Edina sellers understand that this new practice increases the chances that they will lose their advocate as well as decrease the market exposure of their homes? 
In our opinion, Edina Realty is placing a bet that they will make more in double commissions 
than they will lose from reducing the marketing exposure of their sellers’ listings. In other 
words, they will earn more in double commissions than is lost from the reduced number of sales 
and possibly lower sales prices. What is good for Edina Realty is not good for their sellers. 
Sellers do not stand to similarly benefit from this. Rather, the reduced marketing exposure could 
cause sellers’ homes to remain on the market longer, cause them to sell for less, and at the same time cause sellers to lose the advice and counsel of their agent if an offer does come in. 
Unfortunately, most sellers will not figure this out. 
If Realtors believe that everyone would be better off with a revision to the biblical standard about 
serving two masters, perhaps they could take it up with their theological professionals and see 
how their lobbying efforts succeed there. 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dual Agency – The Good, Bad, and The Ugly

Let’s be frank, in Dual Agency if the seller’s realtor helps you in negotiating the sales price, and the Real Estate Council of BC is informed, the realtor will be reprimanded severely and most likely their real estate commission will be disgorged.

The courts see this as the realtor working only to obtain a commission. It’s against the law for the seller’s realtor to tell you the seller’s motivation, including what price to use in your offer or counter offer. The realtor must ask for your consent first, to act for both sides in Dual Agency, and must only act impartially. They are not allowed to talk to the seller about where you are going with your price.

Hmmm, I wonder if this ever happens?  All of the time in South Georgia

Most Buyers do not understand how they can be disadvantaged, and many foolishly think they will get a better deal working with the listing realtor.

Lets be more frank, you may even be offered a commission kickback, which the realtor must disclose to the seller, so this is agreed together by them, in advance of any decision to accept your offer. This may appear to you like you are saving money, while in fact you then agree to pay the price determined by the seller, more money for the property.

The seller usually laughs all the way to the bank and you never ever know….

The small amount of commission money that you are told you receive back is often much less than if you had professional help, and the research you need to negotiate the lowest price. For your own benefit work with a trusted professional of good reputation who is individually and legally responsible for protecting your success . You need someone working on your side ONLY.

Worse, in Dual Agency you tell a realtor to write the offer and presented it to the seller, but you will not be part of the conversations between them. Right? You think you are negotiatiating from a safe, strong position but the seller and the agent have already discussed where their final price will go and you will be led to that price with counter offers, while believing this is just normal negotiating.

Here’s the kicker,,, determining actual value, if you don’t have all the known facts, the sales history of this home, plus all records that show the complete price and sold history of every other similar property in surrounding locations you are buying blind. You may not have direct or complete access to sold history, yet you need all this information before you write an offer. The person you are dealing with has already signed a contract promising undivided loyalty to the seller.

A thoughtful question; Is it likely a Buyer purchasing a home approximately every 5or 6 years, has more knowledge and information regarding value than a person whose job is selling homes every month of the year? Yet many Buyers in Dual Agency believe that they are negotiating a smoking deal. Buyers will sign documents acknowledging that they have investigated everything and confirmed all known facts, whether they have done so or not. Buyer Beware.

In this new world of technology, Home Buyers feel extremely empowered, since they have such greater access to information. Buyers feel stronger in their decision making than ever before. It is true there is much more access, but the information is not complete without full and proper research.

A reasonable person would consider that these issues put a Buyers at a tremendous disadvantage and that financially the buyer is not getting the best price or best terms for the property.
Your Next Step… make an appontment with Dan for more explanations and protection.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Never Agree to Dual Agency!

Dual Agency is practice every day in Georgia....So Buyers beware!

Dual agency means serving two masters.  No other profession is permitted to routinely engage in this practice that most professionals feel should be banned (see our attorney survey on this topic).  No other profession has special laws written for them that automatically reduces their liability in these relationships. And real estate agents are perhaps the least qualified to handle this conflict.  Dual agency occurs when real estate agents represent both the buyers and sellers on the same transaction.  When that happens real estate brokers collect a double commission and  they are prohibited from doing anything to the detriment of either party.  That means that they can not help you negotiate price or terms of your real estate transaction.  It means that they are getting paid twice as much for doing a tenth of the work.  

Dual Agency is a conflictive relationship that strips buyers and sellers of service to a level that can best be described as abandonment. Dual agency arises when the real estate broker is representing both the buyer and the seller. It is illegal in every other fiduciary profession except under the most extreme circumstances. It is routinely practiced in residential real estate where there is the least amount of training. When a real estate broker engages in dual agency they may not work to the advantage or the detriment of the buyer or seller. In other words, all the reasons you hired your broker vanish - often with little warning.

Dual agents are legally prevented from negotiating price or terms (two of the most important reasons consumers hire Realtors). And perhaps the biggest problem with this betrayal is that it usually presents itself with little warning to the client - it is a bait and switch. The broker could be acting in the client's best interests all the way up to finding the house that creates a dual agency. At that point the buyer or seller are on their own.

In a dual agency, brokers don't have to share the commission with other brokers so they make twice as much money. They profit greatly from this practice. Realtors, who typically have no understanding of the legal ramifications of their own fiduciary relationship with their clients, often illegally counsel their clients of the so-called "benefits" of dual agency. We're here to tell you that there are NO benefits and that you should NEVER agree to dual agency. Find a small brokerage firm with highly qualified real estate agents and demand that they not engage in dual agency. The likelihood of dual agency arising with a smaller firm is far less than with a large firm. FOR A MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION CLICK HERE.


Friday, March 14, 2014

R a d i a n t B a r r i e r Ro o f S h e at h i n g

At Capital Home Builders we are the first to incorporate Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing to all of our new homes. We are the pioneers when it comes to Green or Energy-Efficient products to all of our homes. We are the pioneers and only one in South Georgia when it comes to building high-performance homes. 

Reflects Radiant heat, lowers attic temperatures, helps improve energy efficiency.
• Ideal for use in hot climates
• Reflects up to 97% of radiant heat
• May lower cooling energy consumption by up to 17%1• Made with quality Plytanium Plywood
• Lifetime Limited Warranty2• ENERGY STAR®Qualified

® Thermostat®                Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing is spe-cially designed for attic sheathing applications and reflects up to 97% of the sun's radiant heat from being absorbed into the
attic of your home. Now, you can maintain indoor comfort while potentially lowering cooling energy consumption. For new homes, additions or renovations, Plytanium Thermostat Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing is an excellent roof sheathing choice. It’s durable and installs as easily as other roof sheathing. Plus, choosing Plytanium Thermostat Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing can offer long-term savings by reducing cooling energy consumption.
Lower temperatures, greater comfort

Plytanium Thermostat Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing can lower peek attic temperatures up to 30°F by reducing summer radiant heat gain into the attic. Best of all, less heat is transferred into the living space through the ceiling, so indoor temperatures stay cool and comfortable while your cooling sys-tem may operate with greater energy efficiency. Studies have shown that radiant barriers can reduce cooling energy consumption by up to 17%, depending on the design of the building, insulation levels, ventilation, occupancy, lifestyles and geographic location.Since temperatures inside the attic are reduced, attic mounted air conditioning equipment and duct systems may work more efficiently. Please note: Radiant barriers may interfere with attic mounted antenna.
Science behind the scenesHow does it work? If you’ve ever gone into an attic on a hot summer day, you know that radiant heat from the sun ally absorbed into the attic as it passes through an ordinary roofing system. Plytanium Thermostat Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing features quality plywood backed by a specially designed aluminum foil/kraft paper laminate. The panels are installed foil side down facing the attic space. Since aluminum foil is highly reflective, up to 97% of the radiant heat is reflected from entering the attic space.